WALK THE LIGHT is proud to present our 6th annual Arts Festival in Historic Downtown Cedar Hill, in partnership with Kids on the Hill and the City of Cedar Hill. 

The arts festival will take place on April 16, 2016 from 12:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. outdoors in the burgeoning downtown district of Cedar Hill, TX. There will be food trucks, live performances of music and other arts demonstrations, as well as interactive art for kids produced by Kids on the Hill. 

Artists of every genre are welcome to participate in this festival as a vendor, interactive art station presenter, or live performance artist. All artists must fill out an application to participate, which will be juried by our Curatorial Committee. The application fee is due the same day as the application is submitted, and will not be reviewed until the fee is received. The booth fee is due once booth vendors have been notified by one of our staff that they have been accepted as a vendor into the festival. Please read the Vendor Policy at the bottom of this page before beginning your application. The Vendor Policy applies to all artists.

Application Fee:  $10.00

Booth Fee:  $50.00


The application closes on February 15, 2016. Please read the Vendor Policy at the bottom of this page before beginning your application. There is a limited number of spaces available. Applications are juried by our Curatorial Committee, on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be reviewed until the application fee is submitted. Submitting a vendor application and application fee does not guarantee participation in the event. If you application is accepted, you must come back to this page to submit the booth fee in order to reserve your booth in the arts festival. 

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Please briefly describe your business and why you want to participate in the arts festival.
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Vendor booths are $50.00. Some live performance artists will not have product to sell, and will need to select "NO" if they do not want to have a booth.
We require all vendors to be outside and provide their own tent covering and lighting solution. If you have special circumstances, please describe why you need to be placed indoors in your "Tell us about yourself!" section. (If you do not need a booth, select "NO")
We do not allow the authorized individual responsible for a booth to be under the age of 18. If the participating artist is under the age of 18, please have the child's legal guardian be the official booth holder and put both names on this application.
Scroll down to view the Vendor Policy Agreement



Walk the Light Arts Festival, in partnership with Kids on the Hill, will take place on April 16, 2016 in historic downtown Cedar Hill, TX from 12-10pm, headquartered at Pioneer Park Pavilion at Cedar St. and Houston St. Most vendors will be placed outdoors on blocked off city streets. Food trucks and the music performance stage will also be outdoors. 


Walk the Light is an organization in partnership with The City of Cedar Hill, Kids on the Hill and other organizations putting on this event. Walk the Light is responsible for vendor management in our portion of the festival, only. Kids on the Hill will be curating their own artists for their section of the arts festival. 


By clicking the "SUBMIT" button on your electronic application, you agree to the following terms:
   1. Walk the Light (“WTL”) reserves the right to reject any application, to ban, bar or exclude anything we feel is inappropriate, offensive or disruptive to the event. All aspects and elements which a participant desires to showcase or use at or in their booth that may be considered unconventional must be made known to WTL at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Intentionally withholding this information may result in a dismissal from the event.
   2. Under no circumstances are any participants allowed to sell or give away living or dead creatures like goldfish, nor may they sell or give away food or drinks without the proper licenses according to the city code in which the event is being held. Retail and Business Information or Sponsor Vendors are prohibited from selling food and beverage items. If this kind of Vendor plans to give away or sell food, they must report this to the WTL at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Intentionally withholding this information may result in a dismissal from the event.
   3. Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages allowed to be given away or sold, nor is any kind of use of fire or heat sources allowed. More items specifically banned: super glue, fake cigarettes, silly string, primitive walkie talkies, laser pointers, fireworks, firearms, water guns, sound devices, blow torches, scary clowns, and anything else which may be dangerous or used to annoy people. No soliciting, approaching patrons, or distribution of advertising material outside of booth area allowed.
   4. Vendors will take full responsibility for the safety of themselves and their property and will not hold WTL, the venue, and/or volunteers responsible for personal liability, claims, loss or damage that may arise from participation in any WTL event. 
   5. Vendor agrees that their application fee is $10.00 and is due when their application is submitted electronically. Vendor also agrees that their registration fee is $50.00, and is due within 15 days of being notified of acceptance into the event. The fee is non-refundable.
   6. Applicant agrees that everything in the online registration form and document attachments to the form is true to the best of their knowledge and that they own the rights to distribute the files they have sent to WTL.
   7. Vendor understands that choosing booth placement is not allowed. If there are special needs that might cause an exception to this rule, including indoor placement, they must be made known to WTL inside of the electronic application.
   8. WTL will provide access to electrical power sufficient to power low wattage appliances like Point of Sale electronics. If a Vendor needs more power, it needs to notify WTL in their electronic application and may be surcharged for the price of the rental of a generator or additional extension chords to a power source. WTL will not provide tent covering for any booths, nor will they provide any other elements needed for booths, such as electrical cords, lights, trash receptacles, water, water receptacles, and any other items necessary for maintaining the vending space. Please note that the event is extending into the night, and make plans accordingly for additional lighting that may be needed to properly illuminate your vending space.
   9. Vendors whose booths are placed out of doors must set up under a 10” x 10” tent structure, only. All work and displays must stay within the designated space. No boxes, extra merchandise, or debris should be visible. Please take the necessary precautions to make your booth stable in the event of high winds or bad weather. We will tie a series of tents together, as well as provide some sandbags, in order to increase the weight and lower the risk of tents being blown away.
  10. No vehicles will be allowed in or out of the barricaded festival area during event hours. Vendors will have access to the festival area prior to and after festival hours in order to set-up and break-down the booth. Vendors must load in at the designated time determined by WTL and must be ready to operate when the event starts. Failure to be punctual may result in dismissal from the event, and may have an effect on future participation in WTL events. Vendors agree to remain open during all event hours.
  11. Vendors are responsible for clean-up of their area at the end of the event, including trash.  Failure to do so may effect future participation in WTL events.
  12. Vendors must have a state sales tax license and are responsible for collecting and remitting all sales tax.