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Are you an athlete, artist, or outgoing individual passionate about making a positive change? Do you live a life that shines a light on positive values and wholesome choices? "Walk the Light," a brand promoting positive impact and inspiration, is searching for brand ambassadors like YOU! Share your talents and inspire others, whether through athleticism, artistic expression, or your infectiously positive energy. Gain valuable experience, connect with a supportive community, and become a role model for young people seeking positive influences. Don't miss this chance to make a difference! Apply today.

An Alive Church Touched By The Holy Spirit


Do you ignite the spark of faith in others? Whether you serve at a church, guide young minds in a Christian school, or nurture faith within your homeschool family, "Walk the Light" wants to come alongside you.

Become a member and gain access to:

  • Powerful devotional resources: Deepen your own faith and equip yourself to inspire others.

  • Uplifting real-life stories: Find encouragement and practical applications from fellow believers.

  • Exclusive merchandise: Share your faith with pride through unique, member-only items.

  • Thriving online community: Connect, share experiences, and grow together with other passionate individuals.

If you're already part of a sponsor's family, this is your chance to connect even deeper. Together, let's illuminate the path for others and build a brighter future grounded in faith. Join "Walk the Light" today!

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